Duties include preparing the nomination ballots for the various local and state awards, meeting with the committee to select the local recipients, purchasing the awards and providing all local recipients with the nomination forms for the state awards.

Duties include reviewing current TCA By-Laws, submitting recommendations for revisions to chapter or senator (TCA By-Laws). The senate handles the resolutions that affect TCA. The legislature handles the resolutions that affect TEA.

Duties include preparing and submitting a budget to the Executive Board for adoption before the first meeting of the year.

Duties include being aware of any ethical problems in the organization and bring them to the attention of the appropriate person(s).

Duties include keeping the chapter history scrapbook and picture records up to date.

Duties include arranging for coffee, etc., for meetings if not already provided; hosting the Hospitality Room at College Night; taking care of registration at meetings and greeting members and guests at meetings.

Duties include keeping the chapter informed of all legislative activity, keeping in touch with the TCA legislative liaison and helping or organize support on Lobby Day.

Duties include collecting membership forms, keeping a current list of members, assisting with the newsletter, recruiting, developing a telephone tree based on current membership, identifying one person per campus for a HOTCA contact.

Duties include securing nominations for the vacant offices, compiling a list of candidates, distributing the list to membership (for vote), tabulating the results and reporting the results to the membership.

Duties include preparing the yearbook, preparing mailing labels for the newsletter and assisting with and/or publishing the newsletter.

Public Relations
Duties include submitting articles to the local media regarding chapter or individual honors and all upcoming meetings.

Duties include sending applications to area schools by February, meeting with the committee in March to determine the winner(s), and notifying the recipient(s) in April or May (prior to high school award ceremonies). The amount of the scholarship awarded will be determined by the current year budget allocation.

Special Projects
Chapter special projects may include, but are not limited to College Night and the Science Fair. When the TCA Growth Conference is in the region, HOTCA may also be asked to co-host the conference.

Science Fair duties include arranging for five (5) judges who will determine the first and second place winners in middle and high school in the area of behavioral science and purchasing and delivering the four (4) awards.